Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Moment in My Mommy Life

Today, Zoe and I were at Babies R Us with our friends Giana and Keelin. Zoe was already tired from playing at the park and not having enough to eat for breakfast, and had a mini meltdown in the store because I wouldn't let her ride in the stroller they had on display.

She got a second wind when we got home and didn't want to nap. Fine. I found a tricycle for her on Craig's List that I needed to pick up at someone's house that was about 30 minutes from here. I figured she would fall asleep in the car. She was wide awake when we got there and the woman selling the tricycle wasn't home. We waited on their patio for about 10 mins, all the while Zoe was getting more and more tired. She also had a poop.

The woman finally gets home and we get Zoe's new tricycle - hurray! However, Zoe freaks out when she sees that I'm putting the tricycle in the trunk and not letting her play with it right away. I'm trying to get out of there as fast as I can, but before we can leave I have to change her poopy diaper. So I'm in the backseat changing her diaper when she takes her finger and pokes me right in the eye - and POP - out comes my contact lens.

I can't drive without my contacts, so there I am with poopy diaper everywhere trying to get my contact lens back in my eye with my pinky finger (the only clean one), and Zoe begins giggling hysterically and trying to poke my eye again. I turn my head to avoid Zoe's poking finger and this is even funnier to her, she thinks I'm playing a new game, and she starts head butting me.

After a bit of a struggle I get the contact back in my eye and finish changing the diaper. While this was all going on a car had pulled up behind me and a man had gotten out and went to the front door. It was the guy who mows the lawn. I look up and the lawn guy and the lady who sold me the tricycle are on the patio looking out at me. I can't image what they thought was going on.

One more anecdote from today. We had fixed veggie burgers for lunch and Zoe thought we were saying veggie boogers. She would put her finger in her nose every time we said burger. When we gave it to her she refused to eat. Go figure.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It is soooo nice outside

The last couple of days have been so nice. It's been cool in the evening, sometimes getting cold at night, and mild and sunny during the day. I feel like Texas is having a "real" spring. I love this :)

In my mind I think of a Texas spring as that one day in April or May when you could drive with the windows down. I don't remember having ever experience a true spring growing up, but my memory is kind of spotty.

I've been in a great mood, too. I started thinking about how the weather effects so much of our day to day lives. When it's nice I spend more time outdoors; when we were living in the NE it took 10+ minutes to get bundled up every time we went outside during wintertime, and we avoided walking near the river because the winds would go right through 4 layers and chill you to the bone; when it's 105 degrees in Texas for the 30th day straight, you can't get me to leave the house before nightfall for anything; when great storms came through the area last week lots of people couldn't get around because so many large trees had fallen in the roads blocking their paths. Of course there's also the biggies that take life like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes and all the rest.

It's a powerful and amazing part of our everyday lives, and it's still part of nature that we have no control over. I think the reason so many people talk about the weather, check the weather sites everyday, and complain when the meteorologists get it completely wrong (again!) is to feel like we are participating in this unbiased phenomena that has such an affect on our lives.

Friday, April 11, 2008

On Hold

I'm disappointed that I won't be able to start my cleanse until late May. The timing was just not with me on this one. I want to do this right and go the full 15 or so days.

Originally, I was going to start the cleanse when I got back from NYC. Well, Zoe came down with a high fever the night we returned which lasted 5 awful days. And on top of that I was sick with some kind of bug. I just today feel like I've fully recovered.

I was going to start it this weekend until I realized that Passover is a little over a week a way. I think my Bubbie would have a heart attack if I didn't eat anything at Passover dinner. Then the next week Skip, Zoe and I are going to WV to visit Skip's grandmother. Then we're off to Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking in mid-May.

The new plan is to start the Cleanse on May 24.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boat Dreams

For the past week or so every dream I've dreamed has involved a boat. At first the boat were large ships - sometimes a cruise ship or a large fishing boat - usually on the ocean or large lake. The boat was the setting for the stories. I must have had at least 8 or 9 dreams like this.

Yesterday the theme continued but in a slightly different way. In the part of my dream that I remember I was on a small one person kayak type boat in the ocean. For part of the journey I had to kick the water with my legs to move. I got back into my kayak and looked back at the water I just swam over. The lighting was different and I was able to see deep into the water. I saw that I had swam over a HUGE whale without having known it. The whale was the biggest thing I'd ever seen, probably a few hundred feet long. It was motionless just below the surface and looking right at me. I knew that the whale wouldn't hurt me, but I still felt a combination of fear and exhilaration.

The jury is still out on the meaning of all of these boat dreams, but it probably has something to do with a representation of my unconscious or blah, blah, blah.

Lately I've examining my life and my ways of thinking. I've discovered some thought patterns that I want to change, as well as some lifestyle changes that I need to make. Nothing huge, just small changes. Probably something to do with the dreams.