Sunday, September 30, 2007

13 Times

I must be insane. We are moving into our new apartment on Tuesday, and while I found myself surrounded by boxes (again!) I wondered how many times I've moved. It turns out 13 moves in 15 years. I'm a gypsy.

- 1992: moved into an apartment with my mother in Carrollton
- 1993: moved into my dad's house in Dallas
- 1996: moved in with my mom in Lewisville
- 1996: moved into the UNT dorm in Denten
- 1997: got an apartment with my cousin Shawn in Lewisville
- 1998: got an apartment with my friend Angie in Flower Mound
- 1998: got an apartment with my friend Cori in Lewisville
- 1999: Skip and I lived together in our first place in Plano
- 2001: Skip and I moved to Addison
- 2002: Skip and I moved to a nicer apartment in Addison
- 2003: We moved to Hoboken, NJ
- 2007: Skip, Zoe and I moved to Grapevine
- 2007: Moving to Plano next week. It's a 6 month lease. We'll move in March 2008.
- 2008: ???

I'm really sick of moving.