Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Envision It

Last Thursday night I saw a listing for a house that looked amazing. Skip and I decided that we would both see it the next day. I knew that this was going to be our house from the beginning.

On Friday we met our real estate agent there around 1:30p. The house was as near perfect as it gets. The house has a great set up. It's on a cul-de-sac in my favorite neighborhood and backs to a large open space used to collect runoff rainwater. But details are what puts this house over the top.

I usually don't like brick, but somehow they made it work. I love the detail on the top of the front door. This motif was repeated through the interior as well.

The living room is beautiful, large and open to the kitchen and dining room. All of the house has wood laminate floors except for the carpet in the living area. The current owners installed a custom stained concrete fireplace base, and matching counter tops in the kitchen and bath. They are absolutely beautiful.

From the kitchen you can look out to the dining room and the living room. Notice the details.

It also turns out that the current owners share our taste in furnature. We have the EXACT same coffee maker, TV stand, side tables and Ikea dresser.

Love the floating shelves and bamboo blinds in the dinning room

Here's a pic of the master bedroom: small but not too shabby. The master bath was recently updated. The tub was deep enough for an adult to soak fully submerged. I think the bath cabinets are West Elm if I have to guess.

At this point I wanted to buy this house. I knew that this was our house without even seeing the yard in person.

There is a sunroom off the living room. What a wonderful addition. Perfect for the days when it's too cold, hot or mosquitoy to go outside and play. I envisioned our kitties spending a lot of time in this room. Oh, yeah, I forgot that they had our same Ikea kids table in the sunroom. They were using it for a plant stand.

The yard is amazing. The pictures don't do it justice. Again, it's the details. The proportions were very well thought out and there's plenty of room for my garden. There are two "windows" cut out of the back fence so that you can go behind the property out into the hill that leads sown to the water.

There's a gate around the side yard that looks as if it's hiding an A/C unit or trash cans, but when I opened it I found an outdoor shower. How freaken cool. There's also a fort that was built at the top of the fence and a slide. Zoe went down the slide about 10 times and then proclaimed "Let's buy this house!"

Can you believe this laundry room? I'm getting inspired to get more organized just looking at it.

And there's a workshop in the garage that is just screaming to be converted into a studio for Skip.

There's more that's great about this house, but I think you get the point.

I LOVE this house. We decided to make a bid on it that day and start getting everything in order right away.

Around 5p we get the news that there are 3 other offers. We decided to offer more than the asking price with no strings. Our agent told us that our offer was strong and thought we would get it.

We found out the next day that we were outbid. The house sold for almost $10k more than the asking price.

I'm so disappointed. I don't ever fall for houses like this. I feel like I've been rejected by a high school sweetheart. This whole week I've been going over this again and again. All the details that make this house so special. I don't want to look at other houses. I feel completely deflated by this process. Everyone says the same thing in reply - there's another house out there for you, at least you know you can find something you like, etc, etc.

So this post is my message to the universe. I love this house. I want a house that is like this or better. Prove my friends right and let there be another house for me.