Sunday, October 22, 2006


On the Needles
Well, three and half months post-partum my knitting mojo is returning. Looking around the apartment I realize that it's full of knitting UFOs - un-finished objects. Two years ago I started a lace pattern shrug. The back and left side are complete. I only have the right side and sleeves to finish. Sounds easy, right? But there is one catch; the directions for the right side read "work as opposite of left side." Working in lace! Are you fucking kidding me? I basically need to rewrite the pattern. So much for finishing the shrug anytime soon.

Then there is the scarf I started knitting last fall for my wonderful husband Skip. I love this color - yummy saffron. It's a simple pattern, just double yarn in a garter stitch. I stopped knitting during my first trimester when I was sick all the time. Then when I started feeling better, I picked up the needles holding the baby blanket, which is also a UFO.

Off the Needles
There are so many off the needle projects, I'm embrased to admit to them all. Here are a few: a cashmere hat (with ears) for Zoƫ, Dr. Seuss' stuffed One Fish Two Fish, a purse, a matching hat, scarf and gloves set with some yarn I got in Iceland, and some many more. I love knitting :)